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Dear Iris Friends,  

2018 will mark our 38th year to be in the iris world. The older I get, it seems like the more excited I get when it is time to see the new round of seedlings in bloom. We should have a couple of thousand new seedlings in bloom this spring, both tall bearded and spurias. If you are an iris judge, please stop by and help Jim evaluate his new kids. You might even talk Jim into a judge's training session, if you need it.  Continue Reading

 About Us 

Comanche Acres Iris Gardens is located in the gently rolling hills of Northwest Missouri near Gower. Jim and Lamoyne Hedgecock are the owners and 2018 marks their 38th year in business.

The Iris gardens take in some 8 acres. Tall Bearded Iris are, and always will be our mainstay in irises. We grow over 2000 named Tall Bearded varieties, as well as several thousand seedlings. Spuria irises, the king of the landscaping irises, are exploding in popularity. We grow over 200 varieties of Spuria irises, as well as several thousand Spuria seedlings.

Louisiana Irises are very popular with the water garden people. Our Louisiana iris stock include 75 varieties, as well as a few seedlings. Missouri is well known for it's wide range of weather conditions, for this reason, we have found that our irises do well in just about all of the United

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Comanche Acres Iris Garden
12421 SE State Route 116  .  Gower, MO 64454
Phone: 816-424-6436
Jim's Cell Phone-816-889-8829-May not always be answered.